Neurological Correlates: Antique Scientific Illustration, Squirrels

Updated 04.07.09:  Click on Vintage Printables to go to my new site with public domain antique scientific and other illustration.

In the mean time, here are the squirrels:

Happy Autumnal Equinox In Advance! Squirrel prints, including lots of flying squirrels.

Antique Science illustration Squirrel 1 free downloadable printable

Antique Scientific Illustration Flying Squirrel 3 Downloadable Printable Public Domain

Antique Scientific Illustration Squirrel 2 Downloadable Printable Public Domain Free

Squirrel Flying 4”m trying out googlepages — so uploaded a bunch of really great scientific illustrations and other stuff collected from public sources, libraries, etc.Update 04.07.09:  New site is up and pretty much running,Vintage Printables

Thanks much, and apologies for any confusion. . . .

More to come–