Dysfunctional Roundup

A new feature, probably on Fridays, dysfunction in the news:

Woodbury man charged with starting fire on NWA flight. If you are unhappy with your working conditions, go burn down your employer — especially if you work on an airplane.

Missouri Woman Accused of Driving Girl to Suicide Is Indicted in California From the NYT summary: “A woman accused of using a phony online identity to trick and taunt a 13-year-old girl is being indicted under federal statute usually used to prosecute fraud that occurs across state lines.” This is the mom who, using a fake identity on the internet, set a little girl up for a heartbreak by pretending to be a boy who was interested in her. The girl, however, was emotionally fragile. When the “mom/boy” then cruelly dumped her, the girl committed suicide.

Official Urged Fewer Diagnoses of PTSD
“because so many veterans were seeking government disability payments for the condition.”

Fritzl smuggled out sick girl while wife was on hols.” From the Sun UK, “Cellar monster Josef Fritzl took his sick daughter to hospital while his wife was on HOLIDAY, it emerged last night. The 73-year-old wasted vital time waiting for Rosemarie, 69, to leave before carrying 19-year-old Kerstin from her dungeon home for the first time.. . .”

Investigator to the Stars Is Convicted in Wiretaps

“Anthony Pellicano was a ripped-from-a-pulp-novel private eye who made himself an indispensable Hollywood fixer.” [Swivelchair note: Years ago this guy was recommended to me for some competitive intelligence work — he had called my direct line, and was very polite, and told me he charged $25K upfront. (Not that that’s here or there). I declined to contract out the work, and instead hit the scientific literature in the library to see what the competition was up to. Glad I didn’t get lazy and hire him.]