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Friday Dysfunctional Roundup: Corporate Fraud Version

Here’s the typical conversation:

Technical worker, “Let’s develop this technology, it works great and has a market.”

Boss, “No”

What Boss is thinking, “If I say ‘yes’, I’ll be wrong 50% of the time. If I say ‘no’, I’ll be correct 100% of the time. I don’t want to take a chance on getting fired, so I’ll just always say ‘no’ until my boss tells me to say ‘yes.’”

Friday Dysfunctional Roundup: “[blank] cam (“dash cam” “phone cam” “web cam”"gun cam”"bus cam” misc. surveillance etc.) 16+ stories

Technorati Starts Collecting User’s Thoughts Directly via WTF O’Reilly Radar, CA – Jun 9, 2008 Tammy NYP was a Singaporean teen who had a sex-phonecam-video released by some enemy cheerleaders. It was the hottest search on the internet for a…