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It’s not you, it’s me and my dopamine receptor 4 with multiple tandem repeats

Sadly, Mr. Meyer remarked that he does not wish to waste Ms. Aniston’s time, but if it is any consolation to Ms. Aniston (assuming she is in need of consoling), it may be that Mr. Meyer has the dopamine receptor 4 with a seven repeat allele. That would render him almost physiologically incapable of not seeking novelty, regardless of Ms. Aniston’s attributes.

End of the human migration by foot era: Correlation between Genetic and Geographic Structure in Europe

Figure 2. Geographic Distribution of Two Measures of Genetic Diversity across the European Population (A and B) Isoline map (A) of Europe based on the mean observed heterozygosity in each of 23 European subpopulations with (B) corresponding spatial autocorrelogram. (C and…