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Neuroeditorial: (Ayn Rand + Alan Greenspan) = (1 + 1 = negative 1.3 trillion) Plus Barbra Streisand “Cry Me A River”

<a HREF=”” mce_HREF=””> Widgets</a> Now we know, Ayn Rand isn’t all she’s cracked up to be. Nor is the Chicago school. (See the Bloomberg article here, for example). Here’s a post from a little over a year ago, and if…

Behavioral science: How to dodge a question? Answer a different question brilliantly

A study on question dodgers:  those who give brilliantly compelling answers to a question that should have been asked, but wasn’t, are admired. Those who plainly dodge questions to manipulate the listener, however, are viewed with asperity. Conversational Blindness: Answering…

“Psychoanalyzing the Bush Administration, By the Cast of ‘W.’” from NY Mag, and more on “W’s”

Psychoanalyzing the Bush Administration, By the Cast of ‘W.’ See here for my previous assessment, basically, white matter microstructure impairment of a recovering alcoholic. Bert (of Sesame Street) served as the President of the National Association of ‘W’ Lovers, here: