New York Times Sez Neurological Correlates Sustains Goldman Sachs Conspiracy Theory

Ideas: The Goldman Sachs ‘Conspiracy’
Published: October 9, 2008
Finance | The links below give a sense of how a conspiracy theory sustains itself. The “conspiracy” is the Goldman Sachs world takeover (through Henry Paulson and a cast of many). It’s not a new idea, and of course there are circumstantial facts. But the newest iteration is that the firm is pulling strings in the market meltdown and bailout. And afterward, we can all have Kool-Aid! [Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Neurological Correlates, Blogging Stocks, Fanatic Attack, Economic Policy Journal, Zimbio]
Actually, the Neurological Correlates conspiracy theory is an outré iteration of the 1990′s “big republican conspiracy“, where GS is just an instrumentality, not the instigator. Whatever. NYT spelled the blog name correctly, and being cited in the NYT is a huge landmark day for us here, so we are going to milk this for everything we can.
Here’s Tom Kuntz’s “Idea Blog” landing page for you to bookmark (emphasis added):
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So, a lame joke: What happens when you graze on the Goldman Sachs conspiracy theory? An hour later you’re hungry for money. (I just made that up, if you couldn’t tell. . .)