Newsflash: Neurological Correlates posting slowdown now has end in sight

So I’ll punt to other great article of interest:

Prof. Agin (via HuffPo) discusses psychopathy in world leaders;

Prof Agin (via HuffPo), Alzheimer’s Disease and Darwinian Evolution: Is There a Connection?

Clinton Calahan, on Dissident Voice, “Beware the Psychopath, My Son

Postcards from the ID’s category, “Competency to Stand Trial” (Jermiah Dwyer is a forensic psychology expert in criminal cases, and has written extensively on competency to stand trial – at the forefront of neuro – law.)

Ask Metafilter, tag, “Cheating” (see related NC post, Law and neuroscience: What’s love got to do with it? Plenty. Prairie voles and Justininan law and marriage laws depending on intent of the parties.)

The Killers’ Spaceman (this is random).