Thank you, Reuters: Nice article on psychopath white matter disconnect, and interview with researcher in video.

Updated 08.13.09 to include video, see below:

Reuters has an article, “Psychopaths have faulty brain connections, scientists find”

Here’s the video*

While I really appreciate this research, and totally applaud the efforts, Dr. Craig, um.. . , reminds me of John Oliver doing an interview on the Daily Show — sort of a geek (sorry. . .).   These were criminal psychopaths recruited for the study — rapists and false imprisonment perpetrators.  John Oliver going into a SuperMax and asking for volunteers for a brain scan for science just kind of strikes me as funny.

Update 08 .13.09 – John Oliver on Harvard Ethics with Larry, the con — is art imitating life? Whoa:

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Be that as it may. .

I’d like to see more of a 13 week series rather than a 2 minute video. Re-run the brain scans with executive suite habitues and BoD’s, and then again with extremist politicians.   Now that would make a good video.  I want to know if people who excel at getting to the top of hierarchies have similar white matter potholes, even if they otherwise have sufficient gray matter and normal biochemicals to not be violent and impulsively commit crimes.

I knew someone who did fMRI work on sub-criminal psychoapths — she said they got the psychopaths at temporary employment agencies: everyone temps now and then, but the people who temp their whole lives tend to test out on the psychopath tests.  That would make another interesting video.

It would be interesting to have a video interviewing the psychopathic folks. What do they say about the brain disconnect? Do they care? Are they now all re-writing their habeas petitions and asking for a new trial on the basis of newly discovered facts not available at the time of the first trial?

We blogged about this research at the end of June, Psychopaths (sociopaths): White matter, unplugged

June 29th, 2009 · 4 Comments