News Dispatch, dateline, UC Berkeley: What’s really going on. (Video)

University of California. What is the problem? We think the main problem is that California spends more money on prisons than it does on the higher ed. We’d like to see #occupyPelicanBay, but we suppose that would be problematic. The missing party at #occupycal is the prison guard union (the most powerful political cohort in California) — that’s where they should be protesting. (And we note this is no news to Jerry Brown, having done this before).

And so the tuition hikes. The stated rationale for hiking tuition is that education should cost what the market will bear. This is a faulty premise. Public education should be on a cost-plus basis. Private education should be on a market-rate basis, no problem. If everyone picks public over private, then private costs will come down. Right now it’s backwards — the public institutions are playing catch-up with the private ones.  We know that Berkeley is the scruffy cousin of Stanford, and that Stanford dresses better. That’s the plan.  The whole college athletics “branding” plays right into this — public institutions as profit-making (or debt-inducing) machines. More on this later.

Be that as it may, here are the UC Berkeley Psych101 fall semester 2011 extra credit presentations. We think the sheer joy and silliness overpowers odious machines everywhere, to paraphrase Mario Savio. This is what the student body is doing when they’re not occuping or studying for midterms or landing research gigs in the city. Click to get the full screen and put it on your other screen while you go through your e mails.

Background, on #occupycal, see the Colbert Report clip: