Round up of psychopaths on wall street news (our view: duh, we’ve been harping about this for almost 5 years now))

We can’t figure it out: every few months there are a bunch of articles about corporate/financial psychopaths. It’s not like it’s a big shock or some kind of secret.  Maybe it’s spurred by some academic paper.

Again, our point:  D&O insurers, get on this, and figure out if having a psychopath CEO or key employee is a quantifiable risk or not. We also think this is a material disclosure and would like to see it in SEC docs or other placement docs. Isn’t the Board of Directors with their fiduciary duty to shareholders (not to mention employees) responsible for making sure the key employees are able to do the job? So why not brain scans in the board room? The data is there and we’re sure you could get expert witnesses to opine that you can tell who is a psychopath.

Here’s some of the press recently:

The Financial Psychopath Next Door, CFA Magazine (paywall)

Psychos on Wall Street 3/2/201 Wall Street Journal video, article (we note the distinction between “psychos” and “psychopaths” but who are we to quibble if WSJ wants to cover this)

“One out of every ten wall street employees is a psychopath, says researchers” By our calculations, this is one of 2:  4 of 100 are psychopaths in general population, and given that the diagnosis is skewed heavily male, we’re going to guess that its 4 of every 50. Given that there is a self-selecting population, we’re going to make up the statistic that it is 1 of every 2.

TechCrunch Founder Calls Arianna Huffington a ‘Touchy Psychopath’  Sore loser? Sexist? Accurate?

We applaud the blog

And, via JESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN (here), we found this full length documentary: