Decisions we’ve had to make in moving and other things we’re thinking about

Moving this week from So Cal to No Cal.

We haven’t moved in a while, and so we thought we’d post the kinds of decisions one has to make in deciding to keep or toss:

Books — anything available on line, toss; things with pictures, keep.

Autographed copies of rock and roll autobiographies, keep.

Books written by friends our ours, keep.

Books written by us, keep.   (Heh. Shh. Don’t tell anyone).

Books about people we know who were investigated by some governmental authority? Keep.

1990 paper version of Sigma chemical catalog, keep.

“Pocket Guide to Bio-Organic Structures” always always kept in top right hand drawer, keep.

37 boxes of work papers that were never digitized? Keep, someone may accuse us of something one day and we’ve got proof we didn’t do it. (Mental note: call garage organizer first thing).

Old  biopharma tschokies? Keep to sell on e bay one day, even though we’ll never get to it, and anyway, no one wants a Sliberslevtinate Sodium Injection pen that doesn’t write.

“Clone or Die” t-shirt: Keep.

Mid-blue faded denim button-down shirt commemorating a licensing deal circa 1990s, emblazoned with awful animal-model based logo (given that the animals were mutants and sacrificed anyway), gave away to someone who actually liked it and sent me a thank you e mail, go figure.

Tombstones from product launches and deals that never amounted to anything? *sigh* more crapola to go in a box in the new garage.  Toss? Keep and decide later.

Small commemorative vial of flammable biodiesel from”Biodiesel Ribbon Cutting 2003″ ? Toss, but where? Down the drain? Should we set it on fire and burn it up first?

DVDs, videos, cds, DVD and VCR players, MP3 players – toss.

All small appliances: toss.

Pretty much everything in the kitchen: toss

Commemorative glasses: Toss, except Swedish crystal champagne flute from the 2000 California Nobel Laureate Luncheon that was at the science center downtown and had all the California nobel laurates there and was hosted by Bill Nye the Science Guy, keep, although it will probably arrive broken, and anyway, there’s only one.  And keep as a reminder our personalized coffee mug from the first biotech start up we worked for that went bankrupt and bounced our paycheck.

Furniture:  Toss. Except some  mid century modern stuff we got on e bay and everyone said was ugly and we got ripped off until we got some auction estimates, and now everyone remarks  how stylish these things are. So we are passive-aggressively hanging on to this stuff even though we don’t really like it only to be able to say we were right. The leather 1960s mod swivel chair we work from and inspired our name: keep, it’s our favorite chair.

Car:  Time to ditch the car and rely on ferries, BART, taxis, zip cars, mooching a ride and walking? Not yet.  We compromised, and sold our SoCal convertible for something more sensible for the climate and energy efficient.

Things we’re thinking about but don’t have the research for yet:

Oxytocin and vasopressin and blood pressure: If oxytocin depletion results in salt appetite, and vasopressin regulates body fluid salinity (roughly, osmolality more accurately), is oxytocin the yin to vasopressin’s yang as far as raising blood pressure? Is oxytocin used as a blood pressure medicament? What does this say about having high blood pressure with social stress? Do low salt diets have anything to do with social behavior? What about the opioid and other receptors that have to do with salt appetitive behavior?

Obesity and taste receptors in the gut:  What’s with post-oral taste receptors in the gut and has anyone looked at those vis-a-vis obesity? Do obese people have extra post-oral sugar taste buds in the gut, so they want more sugar? Is an obesity treatment some kind of gut-taste receptor antagonist?

Irony of the social network builders:  Why are socially challenged people so good at making social networks? (A recent report on autistic-spectrum in the tech industry brings this into high relief ,”The Tech Industry’s Asperger Problem: Affliction Or Insult?,”, with a particularly unnerving image here, watch it for a few seconds). All these engineers who are supposedly somewhat aspie/autistic spectrum-y are zillionaires creating network magic for connecting people. Craigslist, Facebook, probably others.  Also, Apple because people connect with music.  Potential post:  “Want to be a zillionaire?  Get people socially addicted.”

War and sports and bunga-bunga:  Social scientists say that social bonding in team sports are a proxy for war.  Can the same be said for  bunga bunga parties?  (Cf.,  the secret service agents in Columbia or the Munich Re situation some time ago, see our previous posts, “On the biology of sexting, a monograph”).   Are bunga-bunga parties the lazy man’s softball game?  Is there bunga bunga pent-up demand after the Superbowl or World Cup?