Is psychopathy a form of dementia? Revisited.


We’ve now become aware that a psychopath in our orbit is likely homozygous for the ApoE4 allelic variant of apolipoprotein.  ApoE-4* is the version of a brain lipoprotein that is correlated with  late onset Alzheimer’s.

Recent studies point to ApoE4 allele correlation with white matter disconnects and personality changes well before any clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

And so we said, “huh.”

Recall we’ve pondered if psychopathy was a form of dementia. We’ve wondered if our observation that the meanest grandmothers live the longest because their lifespan allows the downhill slide due to progressive brain fouling by these lipoproteins (as opposed to grandmothers who die before they have a chance to turn mean).

Our prediction:  One form of psychopathy will have the biological markers of Alzheimer’s.

* Apolipoprotein epsilon (“ε”) 4 for those who appreciate using Greek symbol fonts.