3 reasons we’ve been ignoring this blog

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Gustavo Fring. Image via Wikipedia

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. We sort of left this blog hanging for the past better part of a year now.

Our introspection:

1. Social neuroscience fatigue.

Psychopath this, sociopath that, narcissists this, blah, blah, blah. It’s on Dr. Drew. It’s at the cocktail party. It’s everywhere.

We feel sort of like our self-appointed public service is done. Everyone knows now. 

High functioning psychopaths themselves are writing books, admitting it on the internets. Maybe faking it. It seems a point of pride. Hey, Walter White had a pretty good run. (We’re Netflix binging on “Breaking Bad” at the moment).

Compare: When we first started blogging back in 2007, we were quite outré, there were almost no papers on psychopath biology. Now they’re everywhere.

This was in the era of the DSM reigning supreme — categorizing “mental” conditions according to behavior divined subjectively by someone with a financial interest in finding dysfunctional behavior. Archaic now. Like a Pagan ritual book. Discredited, we think, if not now, then soon.

Plus, we’re not a neuroscientist. And, lucky us, we have a neuroscientist in the Swivelchair household. This individual brings our inadequacies into high relief. So we are self-censoring and it’s not fun anymore because we feel that now we have to be more sciency. Wah.

2. We like our other blog better.

Vintage Printable, that we’ve also been ignoring.

Who doesn’t like pictures? No one. Plus it’s easier for content. (But waay more difficult technically). And we’re waaayyy more popular there, the page views don’t even compare.

Since our time period in the material world is limited, we’ve made the very non-Sophie’s choiceish decision to spend time on that one. We’re going to get back to that one soon. 

3. We’ve moved on.

We’ve successfully purged the particularly vicious high functioning psychopaths in our orbit when we moved from SoCal to NoCal.

When we started this blog, we were in the thick of a psychopath harmonic convergence. We were smeared/targeted from every direction, both professionally and personally. Like a herd of Gus Frings. Insidious. Devious. And we were painfully naive at the ways of the psychopath, despite our self-image of being worldly and urbane. Nope. Didn’t know that crazy people could turn it off and on. Didn’t know that biologically, some have only the teensiest sliver of a moral center, connected by ragged threadbare neural twine to the machinery that makes us human.

Never had thought about it, and didn’t get it. 

Then we did.

So we basically stopped talking to pretty much everyone until we could sort out what’s what. Hence this blog. Our version of sorting out.

And now, 7 years later, we’re pretty much sorted. Like all successful life-forms in a closed system, psychopaths are doomed to perish in their own waste. After 7 years, gig is up. They’ve pissed off too many people. We think it’s a matter of time before they can’t resist, and screw up — the IRS, a nanny cam, whatever.

It is a matter of supreme disinterest to us.

We’ll try to muster up something interesting to say, and we’ll keep the blog up.

Right now, we’re in the thick of all that you read about the Bay Area, good and bad. There’s lots of Neurological Correlates fodder for that.

And, we’ll get to our e mail soon, for all our adoring fans.