The California O’Neals: a lesson in family life

Griffin O’Neal complains that his father, Ryan O’Neal is a narcissistic psychopth. I don’t see what all the fuss is about: when your half brother is not admitted into rehab because your father won’t pay for all 7 days when he bags out at 6 and so you chain him to the stairs with a dog tether to prevent him from getting drugs and your father comes home and rages and you swing a fire poker (or maybe he does) and he either fires a warning shot or else tries to kill you, and then forgets what your sister looks like and tries to hit on her at his ex-girlfriend’s funeral whom he held a bit of sour grapes toward since her cancer diagnosis diverted attention from his cancer diagnosis . . . well, tell me how that differs from the rest of LA metro area?

Beekeepers the new “mouse model” for immunology work, sez Swiss researchers safely behind office window

Swiss Bee Keeper, exploited on behalf of immunology researchers. From Meiler et al., “In vivo switch to IL-10 secreting T-regulatory cells in high dose allergan exposure, “Journal of Experimental Medicine 205:2887-2889 (11.10.08) doi:10.1084/jem.20512iti4 (Image from cover, crediting Scott Camazine/Photo Researchers,…