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Men who specifically target hostility at women bond more closely with other men and this is probably due to their ventral striatum and amygdala circuits

Perhaps men with anxious attachment style perceive women as threats more readily – and band together, thereby reinforcing their disproportionate and irrational hostility. Ladies, this may be the way you can avoid those men who have neurological pathways which permit unprovoked hostility and domestic violence – just look for the men sitting around feeling hostile toward women.

Friday Dysfunctional Roundup: Search terms “homicide suicide” (19 stories)

Selected citations from Google news search, “homicide suicide” for July 2008: Fort Bend detectives: Man killed wife, claimed suicide Houston Chronicle, United States - Jul 24, 2008 After an autopsy, however, the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Jackie Cantu’s death a…

Failure to enforce domestic violence restraining order may be a human rights violation

Superbowl Sunday has a bad reputation, true or not, for being one of the busiest days for people who practice domestic violence. Domestic violence — and any violence — scars not only the direct victims, but also the witnesses. That would be children watching from the stairs. Or shot in the head by the perpetrator spouse to get even with the target spouse.