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Psychopathy paradigm shift: Is antisocial behavior seen in psychopaths (or sociopaths) really frontotemporal dementia?

In your 30′s or 40′s? Lying? Cheating? Delusions of grandeur? Are you Paranoid? Uncooperative? Afraid of being exploited? Are you exploiting others? These are symptoms of cognitive decline. Get checked out for early onset frontotemporal dementia.

White collar psychopath fraudfeasors who use other people as tools for conning, duping, manipulating and perpetrating fraud: brain scan study. Does a broken moral neural circuit excuse evil?

Discussion of recent brain scans of psychopaths in: A L Glenn, A Raine and R A Schug, “The neural correlates of moral decision-making in psychopathy,” Molecular Psychiatry 14: 5–6 (2009)

Neurodiversity editorial: Do we have to accept sociopaths?

Yay for neurodiversity.  History-making artists, scientists, politicians – were any neurotypical? Probably not really. But then who is? Up with neurodiversity. Yet, I’m a huge hypocrite: I just can’t get with the whole sociopaths-are-just-another-neuro-diverse-population gig. On the one hand, it’s…